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Where to Find the Best Wholesalers for Amazon FBA Business

Where to Find the Best Wholesalers for Amazon FBA Business?

I am going to share some important tips about how to find Brands and Contact Brands or wholesalers to get a Wholesale Account?

Find the Best Wholesalers for Amazon FBA

Step 1:

▪︎Reverse sourcing through Keepa

▪︎Reverse Sourcing through Helium10 Blackbox

▪︎Go to keepa product finder fill the form according to the given criteria of wholesale  

▪︎Download CVS and check one by one brand in Helium10 Blackbox 

▪︎In H10 BlackBox has one option that is brand search you can search brands over there if AMZ is dominant on all products of that brand then you should leave this brand it is a very convenient way to find brands rather than to hunt products

Step 2:

▪︎Make a Brand sheet on excel 


•Brand name


•Brand website 

•Brand email

•Brand contact number

•Add all information related to the brand in an excel file 

Step 3:

▪︎We have to Contact brands via email or call

▪︎Hunt at least 15 brands daily and contact them   

▪︎We must have an eCommerce  website to show us  to brands that we are professional 

▪︎We must have professional email while contacting brands 

▪︎Email them through template you will get a template in this group as well 

▪︎Contact via Call

▪︎This is a powerful way to contact brands via Call 

▪︎We must have a Virtual number of that country from where we will start a business

▪︎Your communication skills and your Accent matter a lot because you have to show them that you are doing business in that country like the USA or UK. 

▪︎Wholesalers easily understand your accent if your accent and communication is not good so approval’s chances are less

▪︎You have to convince them by the soft and polite way and show them that you are a sales manager and our company is interested in their products to sell on our website as well as on amazon. 

▪︎If they reject you for amazon then you should convince them that you have seen few resellers in your listings, did you know that your listings are having negative reviews and nobody will be here to take care of them so we will increase your ranking, etc from this way your chances of approval increases.

▪︎These are just some useful tips. I hope they help. If any suggestions or questions u may ask.

Thank you.