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Pay Per Click Basics | Amazon PPC for Bigners

Amazon PPC for Bigners

Pay Per Click Basics | Amazon PPC for Bigners



There are four types of bidding strategies:

  1. Dynamic Down Only
  2. Dynamic up and down
  3. Fixed bid
  4. Rule-based-bidding (NEW STRATEGY)

Dynamic down only:

When amazon would feel that you will not be ranked on the specific keyword, analyzing your previous conversion history. Amazon then it would drag your bid down. (Amazon may or may not bring your bid down up to 100%)

Dynamic up and down:

After selecting this strategy, we allow amazon to bring our bid up and down up to 100%, according to our conversion history. If amazon feel you are going to convert 0n that keyword, amazon has authority to raise your bid to 100% up. If amazon feel you are not going to convert on that keyword, amazon has authority to decrease your bid to 100% down.

Fixed Bidding:

In fixed bid amazon has no authority to change the bid that you have fixed.

Rule based bidding:

This dynamic bidding plan is offered for Sponsored Product campaigns only and has been rolled out to the US marketplace. Other marketplaces might follow in the next months. In case this bidding choice is not available for you at this instant, keep in mind that this choice is still in Beta and might not be rolled out to all advertisers yet.


  • Rule based bidding available for sponsored products.
  • Minimum 30 conversions in last 30 days.
  • Minimum daily budget of $10.
  • Campaign can use any type of targeting: automatic, keyword, or product targeting.


  • Reduces the chance of campaign going out of budget.
  • Provides budget recommendation for special events like black Friday and Prime day etc.
  • More control on budget.
  • Reduces manual efforts and time spent on adjusting budget.


We need to enter our targeted ROAS. Optionally you can enter an average campaign bid which you want to put.

If you want to make sure that your bid doesn’t get out of control. In this case your average CPC should not exceed 25% of the bid that you have set.

Amazon is very clear that they cannot guarantee that they will hit the target set. Not to worry, if the target is not met after 21 days, then the rule-based strategy will revert to your previous bidding strategy and target level bids.

i hope Amazon Pay Per Click Basics | Amazon PPC for Bigners guide will help you.