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external traffic to amazon listing

external traffic to amazon listing is a Main topic that I am going to be discussed with you.

The ability to stream external traffic to your Amazon store is a powerful tool for any FBA seller.

Many speak about it, but only 5-10% of sellers really know how to do it correctly.

external traffic to amazon listing

Why should you have this skill?

1) Risk Management - Putting all your eggs in one basket and being solely dependent on Amazon's internal traffic is wrong.

Important- Amazon is a stable platform for FBA sellers, but from time to time it punishes/bans innocent sellers (big brands as well) without them doing anything against the TOS

2) It's a tie-breaker in front of your competitors in your category- 90% of your competitors do not know how to do this and rely entirely on organic promotion and PPC campaigns.

3) Your ability to launch products improves dramatically, even without initial reviews.

4) It will motivate you to open an external store without getting lost in the Google Ocean (Shopify for example)

5) Diversification in marketing channels - it is highly not recommended to be one-dimensional in the digital world.

The more powerful tools you have in hand, the more immune you will be to Amazon's unilateral steps, this way you would be able to create a wide margin of safety for your business.