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Best Method for Shopify Drop shipping Winning Product Research

Shopify Dropshipping Winning Product Research & Methods are following with full technique.

When you start hunting the product make sure you have a clear understanding of the factors and validate the product.

These are key points to look for when you hunt a product:

  1. The product solves a problem for a broad audience
  2. Wow factor
  3. Scalability
  4. unique selling proposition
  5. 50% Margins at least 
  6. not sold in other stores

It's very important to realize product hunting plays a key role in making your Shopify dropshipping store successful. 

So the question is,

How to Do Shopify Dropshipping Winning Product Research?

  • The Facebook ad library is a great tool to see and hunt your competitors selling that same product look for active ads that they are running for at least a month because if they are profitable that means they are making.
  • Go to Exchange marketplace and flippa and spy on stores with revenue of $10K - $50K.
  • Paid tools like adspy, Bigsby, drop point, peeksta.
  • Tiktok Creative center is a great way to hunt products too.
  • Tiktok Hashtags, type these hashtags and follow accounts who use or review new products e.g:








  • Go to shopistores it's paid but worth it, and spy stores with revenue and a lot of filters 
  • AliExpress Dropshipping center
  • Identify and see the Google trends
  • Amazon Bestsellers list

Some important and necessary extensions for product research:

  1. Ali hunter
  2. Commerce Inspector
  3. Koala Inspector
  4. Alisave
  5. My Ad finder
  6. Asify
  7. AliExpress search by image
  8. Ecom Radar

I hope I added some value here.