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Product Sourcing from ALIBABA

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The Supplier Prerequisites:

1. Alibaba Trade Assurance

2. Gold Supplier

3. Verified Supplier

4. Minimum 3 Gems

5. At least 90% Supplier Response Rate

6. Read the Time of listing and gold supplier badge

7. Google search

8. supplier blacklist

Product Sourcing from ALIBABA

Finding a reputable supplier is important because they are in the custody of your product's raw materials, cost, product quality, packaging, and shipping. Your supplier has the control to make or break your company. Please read the following advice if you're in the procedure of sourcing your products.

Sorting: Let's imagine you're selling a wireless charger. When you hunt for your product on Alibaba, you will find lots of results. You'll need to use criteria to find the best vendors.

Step 1:

The first step is to work out who they are.

Take a look at these details on the supplier side view during Product Sourcing from Name of the supplier, type of business, and the number of years the supplier has been selling on Alibaba under the company's endorsement. You might be doubting why the provider is called that. What difference does it make? When registration of a business in China, the company name must have four energetic elements: the registration location, the company name, the main product they are attentive to, and the partnership type.

Occasionally the supplier will advertise itself as a manufacturing and trading company, suggesting that they can both make and export the product directly to overseas enterprises. Because not all Chinese factories have an export license, they must rely on a middle, a trading company.

Company Certification:

There is a difference between a company certificate and a product certificate. Any corporate can create any product. It is not necessary, however, for all companies to have the system and desires in place to complete the processes necessary to obtain a company certification.

ISO 9001, for example, certifies a company's quality management system; ISO 14001 certifies the company's environmental system. So, having ISO certification as a well-founded is a nice thing to have if a company has gone over and done with these processes and obtained it. (But, it is not required.)

Step 2: What correctly do they do?

If you look at the supplier's main product and product categories during Product Sourcing from ALIBABA, you should be able to tell whether they have a concentrated line of products linked to the product you want to buy, or if they are dispersed and offer an extensive range of items, making them less well-organized. The more concentrated a company's product line is, the more discussing power it has over raw material suppliers; their employees' abilities are far better because they do the tiresome work day and out day, and the quality is far more reliable.

If you're watching for a product, you'll need to know what your must-have and nice-to-have certificates are. You can see if the supplier has those on their product page.

Step 3: How do you discover out where they are?

What do you think of them?

There is a little odd when the comprehensive address check shows they are on the 15th floor, unit 509. You should inquire as to why the address is the office address if the supplier rights to be the manufacturer during Product Sourcing from The factory's address should be used. As the office is located two hours distant from the city's industrial region. You should trial the supplier if they are showing an office address.

If the supplier's city isn't in one of the five main cost-coast outlying areas, use this pro tip. The reason for this is that these five coastal provinces account for 80% of all manufacturing goings-on. If your supplier is located far from the shoreline, in an interior land and city, you will have to pay a lot more money at the purchase stage to transport the items from the factory to the seaport.

Step 4: How do you do it?

Is the supplier's command of the English language extreme?

 Do you have any other doubts? 

A factory tour was unexpected. For case in point, you may call your supplier and inform them that you have a purchasing agent in China who just happens to be passing over the plant area, and if he can schedule a quick factory tour for your agent, or you could request a quick video chat with your supplier. "Hey, I'd want to get an intellect of what your factory looks like. Could you please get onto the manufacturing floor and have a quick video meeting with me?" If they always make apologies, whether they are the straight vendor or not, you must add a doubt next to them.

Decision: Using the methods outlined here, you may control whether or not your source is a direct manufacturer rather than a distributor. I hope this information will assist you in selecting the correct manufacturer and protecting yourself against scams.

Pro Tip: If it's a foreign-registered company doing business in China, they'll include the company name first, followed by the product they're trading with, and then the registration place in braces.