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Product Sample Inspection In Pakistan

A lot of people ask me how they can get the samples to Pakistan for evaluation and inspection. Usually, sample inspection of launches is done by overseas investors since it's a Myth that Due to very high customs we have to pay a lot of duty to get samples to Pakistan and it is not easy at all. Many people just send them to overseas investors.

Product Sample Inspection In Pakistan


What if you want to do the inspection? What if your investor asks you to do the inspection?

What is the way forward to proceed with supplier and samples, in this case, to get them to Pakistan safely?

Here's my opinion and experience ✨ on this

We have tried multiple carriers to get samples in Pakistan and some of the top names are

  • DHL
  • FedEx

(Everyone knows about them)

Both of these couriers are great to get your parcel in Pakistan in your footsteps in a matter of a couple of weeks


here's the twist...........

For us, DHL charged us about 4k PKR and we didn't receive any tracking from them

While on the other hand FedEx only charged 700 PKR (which is just like 18% of the cost charged by DHL) 😶 and they provided us with the parcel with proper tracking. On top of this, we received our FedEx parcel earlier than DHL

Note: Above discussed shipping costs also include all types of Duties or Customs

There is a major difference in price plus overall user experience has been way better for us with FedEx.

So upon conclusion, FedEx is your go-to courier to get samples in Pakistan.

How to proceed with them? Discuss with your supplier and ask them that you want to get your samples at your doorstep using FedEx company and ask for the quote from him/her

Beware that they also keep their commissions🙂 you can double-check the rates by visiting their website concerning your parcel size.

Happy Sourcing!