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Product Hunting Techniques for Amazon VA

Product Hunting Techniques for Amazon VA | Are you confused about PRODUCT HUNTING? I'll partake in some tips and methodologies.


 It's generally searching for a product that fulfills the criteria for a suitable market and will give you profit. 

Product Hunting Techniques


  • The price of the product should be around$ 15-$ 40 
  • Profit should be above 30 
  • Choose the non-breakable product ( don’t go for products made up of glass or ceramic) 
  • Minimal variations ( lower than 4) 
  • Make sure the product you chased belongs to the non-gated category 
  • the wares should have a thickness in yearly sales ( especially in the top 5 listings) 
  • the wares should not be brand dominant or amazon dominant 
  • confirm the merchandise you decide on is typical 
  • the merchandise should be eligible for both air and ocean (that is weight, dimensions should be optimum
  • The product should have high deals and high hunt volume 

 PRODUCT Stalking/Hunt TOOLS 

  • HELIUM 10 

 Ways of technique:

 technique 1# 

 Go to Amazon and start codifying anything, any letter in the hunt bar, and see what amazon wants to autocomplete. This principally shows us what people search substantially 

 technique 2# 

 Go and appearance through the stylish dealer and find a conception from there by looking at the subcategories of the products 

 technique 3# 

 Go to Amazon and choose the order and write disadvantage (-) and arbitrary letters, which will also show you arbitrary different products. 

technique 4# 

 Look at any product on amazon and go through their reviews. Click on the critic's name and see the products they've reviewed and get ideas from there 

 technique 5# 

 Go through deals websites and look at what people are trying to launch. You can check out jump send/ rebtekey or any Facebook deals page 

 technique 6# 

 Whenever you discover any worth shortlisting product, click on the seller’s name and appearance through their products from then you will find fresh ideas. 

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