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Amazon Product Hunting easiest Method that Worked for me

 Amazon Product Hunting, All you need to do is put an additional filter in the sheet, After sorting keywords according to SFR number; You have to apply "Text Filter" in the Title

Let's say you want to hunt in Pets Niche, So all you need to do is apply a filter on Title Section and ask Excel to show only those Keywords which have "Pet" in their Title in this way you can get "500" Keywords out of "8k"
In this way, you will get selective keywords which have average competition on Amazon and are all of one single niche.
Amazon Product Hunting easiest Method


  1. You can search these directly on Amazon and check if they match criteria or not.
  2. If any keyword has a high number of reviewers you can pick up it's top selling ASIN >> Input in Helium's Cerebro >> Click Get Keywords >> Sort Search Volume High to Low >> In this way you will get a lot of irrelevant keywords on which that product is ranked on and you can search whether those keywords on Amazon and match EC's Criteria or not.
  3. You can Search these keywords on Helium's Magnet too, Pick up keyword you chose in Brand Analytics >> Input in Magnet and Sort Search Volume High to Low and check whether these keywords match EC's criteria or not
Analysis is the Key
At the end it all depends upon How you analyze your product, Sometimes we come across a keyword that has products with high reviews and gets disappointed. We leave such a product and move ahead.
  • Just Run JS on that particular keyword
  • Find out if there is any seller who is earning handsome revenue and has fewer reviews.
  • Open up that listing, Copy his ASIN, and reverse ASIN in Cerebro
  • Sort Organic Rank 1 - 47 (just to increase relevancy ) Sort Search Volume
And voila you'll get entirely new keywords. such keywords, whom against products will have high revenue and fewer reviews
This will be my last post regarding hunting 😊
I am attaching screenshots below, So you can have a complete look How to apply filters
Happy Hunting!